Grain Bin Structured Roof

Grain Bin Structured Roof Upper Roof Sheet

J&R Grain Solutions
grain bin
roof upper
roof sheet
supports the
upper roof
sheet for
and rigidity.

Above all your grain bin structured roof need to withstand high winds and loads from snow and equipment. More than that, roof strength is crucial to maintaining the entire structure.

Superior’s 60’ diameter bins offer a single panel grain bin structured roof with a standard peak load of 15,000 pounds. 30,000 and 50,000 pound peak loads are also available for these bins.The continuous eave angle spreads the roof load evenly onto the sidewall sheets.

Superior’s 75’, 90’, and 105’ diameter bins feature multi-panel grain bin structured roofs with a standard 30,000 pound peak roof load, or an optional 50,000 pound peak load.