High & Dry Farm Grain Bin Fans

Grain Bin Fans

For starters
farm bin
fans run

at 1,750
rpm & are
the best
for most

Superior’s low-speed centrifugal farm bin fans provide greater airflow than the industry standard.

The Keys To Consistency:

Cool and dry your crops naturally and easily adequate and even airflow throughout the grain bin is critical to proper cooling, storage and natural air drying. In fact, J&R Grain Solutions provides heavy-duty, quiet centrifugal farm bin fans that feature airfoil blades, close tolerances and dynamic balancing to give you Superior airflow and years of reliability.

Operating at 1,750 rpm, these fans are the ideal choice for most drying conditions and are much quieter than other types of fans.

High-speed centrifugal fans are squirrel cage fans that run at 3,500 rpm. These small fans move low volumes of air at low to moderately high static pressures, so they are ideal for aeration with deep grain depths.

High-speed vane axial fans in a cylindrical housing also run at 3,500 rpm and are typically used on smaller bins.

Grain Bin Fan Hanging Kit
Optional fan hanging kits allow the fan to settle with the bin, which protects the transition.