Your Hopper Grain Bin Access Has Never Been So Easy!

Bin Stairs For Grain Access

Besides bin
stairs to
your grain
access a
34″ x 60″
platform, the
largest in the
industry, comes
standard with
stair packages.
You can save
time and money
by using
one stair
and platform
combination to
access two bins.

Grain access with galvanized stairways with adjustable treads will stand up to the elements and ensure safety for years to come.

J&R Grain Solution Superior farm bins come with 66” doors which includes an outer door that latches on the top and bottom for protection against rain or snow and three inner doors that opens 170˚ for grain access. The sides of the doors are corrugated to match the sidewall for a tight seal around the door.

For safety and easy access, all Superior farm bins come with a standard bin step. An optional 9′ diameter peak walk-around platforms add security and provide ample room for performing service. The bolt-together galvanized construction eliminates platform failure, rust formation of welds cracking. For additional safety, add roof stairs or a roof top handrail package.