Superior Hopper Bin Roofs Have A Lifetime Warranty!

J&R Grain Solutions
farm bin
roof upper
roof sheet
supports the
upper roof
sheet for
and rigidity.

Hopper bin roofs need to withstand high winds and loads from snow and equipment. More than that, roof strength is crucial to maintaining the entire structure.

Superior’s hopper bin roofs can handle 8,000 pound loads, including ground snow loads of 40 pounds per square foot, and withstand wind gusts up to 90 mph. Even more, Superior’s 20” x 20” pre-punched roof vents, the largest in the industry, prevent moisture from entering the bin. The gentle 3” corner radius of the vents eliminates metal stretching and failure in these corners.

Likewise the continuous eave angle spreads the roof load evenly onto the sidewall sheets.

Push-up bird clips on eave angles minimize for easy bin loading and finally the finished peak opening is 39″ for easy bin loading.

Lifetime Bin Roof Warranty