Unloading Systems/Block Buster Auger (Patent Pending)

Block Buster Auger Unload System

With Superior unloading systems, unloading your bin
has never been easier, faster or safer.

A permanently installed U-trough and sweep, with all controls outside the bin,
provide superior unloading capacity. With more space than a round tube, the
U-trough allows the grain to flow freely over the auger.

The Superior Premuim Unload is available in 11-inch and 13-inch options for
15’- 60’ bins. A larger gearbox, patent-pending Block Buster auger, and ability to
add accessories make unloading your bin easier, faster and safer. The Superior
Standard Unload is available for 15’- 48’ bins.

An upgraded gearbox allows the sweep to pivot when operating on uneven
surfaces. A large gear reduction drive wheel propels the sweep into the grain
mass for faster unloads.

Introducing The New Block Buster!

Available on Premium Unload Systems, the patent-pending Block Buster is a specially designed auger positioned over the center gate to reduce blockages and keep grain flowing.

A reversing gearbox and centrifugal clutch the system allows the Block Buster to spin freely on its own in one direction and drive the sweep auger and wheel in the other direction.

Operated from outside the bin, it eliminates the need to enter the bin to clear blockages.