Swing Away Auger

Swing Away Auger



Swing Sway Auger Sizes

wdt_ID Size Length
1 8/10'' 56'
2 8/10'' 61'
3 8/10'' 66'
4 8/10'' 71'
5 10'' 76'
6 10'' 81'
7 12'' 72'
8 12'' 82'
9 12'' 92

Redesigned 10” & 12” Low Profile Hoppers

Our 10″ & 12″ Low Profile Hoppers have been redesigned from the ground up to provide easier service access, higher performance, and an overall better value. With a larger hopper area, and lower end height than our previous 12″ low hopper and a longer and wider body than our previous 10″ low profile hopper, we’re providing the best of both worlds.

Electric Hopper Drive System

In addition we now off an electric option. This kit includes two remote controls as well as a hopper lighting system for safer low-light operations.

Single Thickness Ultraflyte™ Flighting With Double Flight Boot Flighting

Our augers now have a single section of thicker flighting with a uniform thickness flighting throughout the auger and adding a second start of flighting over the length of the first few pitches of flight on the boot section of auger.

American-Made Gearboxes

We understands the need to support US-Made products.

Every section of
10” & 12” flighting is now connected with an exclusively engineered and manufactured hexagonal shaft and bushing system that increases the amount of driving surface from the industry standard four bolts and solid steel shaft to utilizing all 6-faces of the hexagonal shaft, with the bolts providing support to put the auger under tension.